GiPlast lines, for every need

GiPlast lines have been created with the end customer in mind, however in the large furniture industry or for the small craftsman.
The consulting phase is a further moment in which the professionalism of GiPlast’s consultants can make the difference: once illustrated the characteristics of GiPlast lines, it will be easy to choose the most suitable solution and make the necessary customizations.

Discover all GiPlast lines:


SuperMatt: modernlifestyle

Super Matt edge made with an innovative paint that guarantees high surface resistance and practical cleaning. 

It offers a natural feeling thanks to the “soft-touch” effect and its excellent colour intensity. The low light reflection and perfect chromatic harmony give the furniture a touch of elegance. The SuperMatt edge dresses furniture, combining Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.


Mirror Edge: matchless mirror effect

The Mirror and HighGloss edges position themselves between the latest generation of edges and are distinguished by elegance, surface flatness, high impact resistance and good hardness.
The mirror effect gives the furniture a uniform appearance and is perfectly suited to modern and classic furniture thanks to the availability of unicolor and woodgrain color.


Bordo G-Tech: technology of the future for flawless design

It’s designed for Laser, Airforce and Infrared applications and gives the panels seamless style and quality.
Among the GiPlast lines, the G-Tech board is compatible with all machinery available on the market and it is produced in co-extrusion using different types of polymers. Available in many different woodgrain colors and finishes, this edge guarantees a complete sealing between edge and panel, an invisible joint, high resistance to heat and humidity, enhancing the design and aesthetics of the furnishing accessory.


Digital printing: the future of edging

Always at the forefront and ready to respond to market demands, GiPlast uses the most innovative technology available for the printing and surface enhancement of its extruded products. 

The digital printing, combined with the high quality of the support and the excellent available finishes, allows to offer a top of the range products, fully customizable with any final finish, from glossy to matt to textured. 

The DIGITAL edge is available in all thicknesses.


Woodgrain: natural style for timeless charm

With over 8000 essences, full-bodied, warm, lively and refined, GiPlast creates specific solutions to interpret the trends of the moment. Through research, experimentation and the use of technology, it is possible to implement, in a short time, prototypes that maximize the wood grain giving an intriguing visual effect and impact thanks to the succession of opaque and glossy levels. 

G-Wood is resistance, reliability and timeless aesthetics thanks to a skilled craftsmanship entirely Made in Italy.


Stone effect: from the raw material a surface faithful to nature

Texture material designed for the creation of kitchen tops and doors that faithfully recall the distinctive features of stone: hardness, porosity and strength.
Among the GiPlast lines, this one has a craftsmanship, perfectly mixed with the most modern technologies so that the edge retains an irregular line that leaves room for a rough surface effect. G-Stone is extremely resistant to heat and all types of friction.


Metal edge: the elegance of stainless steel, the liveliness of reflections

Extremely innovative and highly technological line designed to respond to new trends in terms of interior design. 

G-Metal explores a world of lights and images that are reflected and recreates every kind of metallic effect through a wide range of colours suitable to replicate satin aluminium, copper, antique gold etc. 

Resistant to scratches and the most common chemical agents, the product is available in a wide variety of colours and can be delivered with protective film.